25 things I miss

  • Waking Siri up by tickeling her and hear her wonderful laugh.

  • Discusing why it is that you're upside down in the spoon and other tricky questions with Lukas.
  • Sitting in the front on the upper deck in the buses.
  • Listening to amazing live music at the Bedford.
  • Waking up on a weekend and now that the day will be filled with new experiances and places.

  • Being silly and laughing at everything on a sunday afternoon with Pia, while Alena just shakes her head.

  • Morning coffee with Siri at Costa.
  • Taking a nap in the middle of the day every single weekday.
  • Not being able to decide what to eat at Brick Lane cause all the choices looks so yummy.

  • Buying lunch at M&S and then enjoy it in some park on a sunny day.
  • Having friends and family visit and spend every waking moment showing them London.
  • Walking home from the gym eating roasted nuts and pass by the river with the lights and that special smell.
  • Hear people calling out "two for a tena" while watching all the colours of the flowermarket.
  • Going out in Soho and occasionally sing "Jag kommer" with Michaela, Amelie and Sarah.
  • Meeting new people that within days seems like old friends.
  • Walking along the southbank watching the people and the streetartist while eating food from the market or the van.

  • Taking an one-day-trip to any other place in England and discover a new town.

  • Instantly feel the quiet and calm atmosphere when walking in to a museum like Tate Modern or British Museum.

  • Taking long walks with Amanda in the evening, discussing everything and nothing.
  • The playgroup on Thursdays, drinking coffee and talking to other nannies.
  • The baguettes from Borough Market and the Malaysian Pancakes from Brick Lane.

  • Going to central in the morning and just happen to stay there until the night.

  • Having brunch with Karolin while catching up.

  • To always be in the presence and not feel like I have to figure out the future just right now.
  • Reminding myself that I'm actually in London, or even better, living in London.


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