"Everything will be alright in the end, so if it's not alright it's not yet the end"

Just wanted to let you know that everything is decided now. I just booked my flight home on the 15th of March, 30 days from now, an one-way ticket. I also told my landlord I'm moving and cancelled my phone contract. I think I made the right decision. I don't want to leave but I really want to go home, and right now that feeling is stronger. Even so, the sadness that I already feel because of leaving makes me doubt my decision a bit. It's going to be so horrible to leave everything here; my little ones that I love more for everyday, Nathalie and Julian that have helped me with so much, my wonderful sweet friends that means so much to me and the city where it's always something new and exciting happening. The life that I have built here during this last year. On the other I'm really looking forward to coming home to my family and friends, having dinner with the neighbours, staying at home a whole day but still not feel lonely, working at the nursery with my friends, going to town to have a coffee or dinner with those who know me better than I do. Just going back to my normal life.

So, did I make the right decision? I don't know yet, only the future can tell.


Postat av: Paula

Of course you did!

They have had the fortune to enjoy you everyday so it must be our turn!



2012-02-15 @ 10:34:10
Postat av: Farmor

It is a richness to have two families to love, two places which you want to live in and friends all over. As Stockholm has not been too far away, London will be the same.

Welcome home!!

Farmor, farfar, all cousins and Trixi

2012-02-15 @ 16:47:19
Postat av: mormor

You made the right choise I think, there are always times in life when it is difficult to choose but now you follow the idea that you had when you went to London and you can continue the contact with these two children who loves you. Många kramar

2012-02-15 @ 17:14:26
Postat av: mormor

Passerar du eventuellt Malmö på hemvägen ? P.S. Gillade rubriken på den här bloggen. Kram mormor

2012-02-18 @ 19:26:32
Postat av: erika

Well, it may seem sad leaving. But I'm thrilled that you're comming back home. Ninehundred miles may sound far away but you know it's quite close :D


2012-02-19 @ 12:07:38
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