Puddles of snow and finger puppets

Siri is asleep and I'm drinking tea and eating bananabread muffins that I made last week. Yummy! It's still a little bit of snow on the ground so it took us ages to get to Lukas' school today, he had to stop at every little puddle of snow and play. I really hate to stress him but on the other hand we need to get there in time, maybe we should leave 15 mins earlier tomorrow? I'll do my best. When we had dropped him of I bought a coffee at the pop up kitchen by the station and we walked to melody makers with Firdos, monty and abbey. It's a group of moms that has arranged a little singing session every Monday morning, quite nice even though Siri sometimes tend to get scared by the finger puppets. Just realised I better wake up the little sweetie now. I'll write again soon.



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