15 teabags and 311 steps

Another weekend has passed by and now I might only have about four or so left, really weird. I think I might have to plan them a bit. Even though I do actually feel like I've done most of the things that I want to do while I'm here so it should be fine, no regrets! Well then, this weekend.

I had pretty much the perfect Friday, very chilled but still with a lot going on. I got up rather early, even though I wasn't working I'd told Nathalie that I would come with her to have a coffee with the new aupair. Just to get two opinions and to help put with Siri in case she got bored. She seemed really nice and were also very intrested of the job so I think she will probably be the one after me. She even followed me home just to see the room that she could take if she wants to. When she left I made a chocolate cake and then took off to the gym to meet Emelie, it is so much more fun to work out when you're two people. After the gym I'd invited Josefina and Linnea for a swedish fika, Emelie also stepped by for a while and helped me make a blueberrie cake. So we ate two different kinds of cake, drank coffee and just sat in the livingroom talking for hours. Around 8pm I almost had to push them out since I had to meet Pia and Alena at sainsburys. They also came to my place but for dinner and to watch "One day", and then of course to just talk about nothing and everything until about 1am when they took the bus home and I feel asleep.


Pia met me by the shoppingcentre and we took our favourite bus, 87, in to central. We started of at apostrophe to get some soup. Lunch is necessary when you have a big mission ahead of you. This is the view we had from the café, not to bad or what do you think?

When we stepped outside we realised that just next door was the Twinings shop which I´v never seen before. Maybe not so strange cause we were as much in the middle of nowhere as you can be in the most central of central London.

The whole shop were filled with teabags and teapots. I bought 15 different teabags for 1.50, mostly for the memory.

After about half an hour walking, passing by St Pauls Cathedral and Millenium Bridge, we were standing at the foot of our mission for the day. Monument. We wanted to reach the sun.

There is 311 steps, all of them going around and around and around, and the further you get the more narrow it gets.

Pia needed I tiny break in the middle (or to be honest I asked her to sit down so I could take a photo).

Finally up there we realised that it was absolutely worth every single step cause the view was amazing. Here you can see the tower bridge.

The pointing building in the middle, which I always forget the name of, was Julian (the dad) part of making. Don't know in which way, but something in the architecture cause that's what he does.

If you look closely you can see London Eye at the far right.

The best part where that we did reach the sun. I stood the for a while just enjoying the feeling when it hit my face.

One last photo before walking the 311 steps down.

You might think walking down should be easier but the thing is that I was so focused on the next step and not missing it and fall down that I got totally dizzy.

But we managed to get down and even got a certificat.

"This is to certify that Katinka Fernström Richter has climbed the 311 steps of the Monument"

After stoping by Borough Market real quick I got on the train to go home and found a handprint on the window. The evening was spent on a quite unforgetable goodbye party for Josefina who is now going to Nepal for four months.

Me and Pia got on the 87 again, passed by the filming of James Bond, and got of at Covent Garden where we met Karolin and her friend Andrea. We had a lovely lunch at a not so lovely reastaurant, very nice food but not as nice staff.
When we were absolutely full Karolina showed us this wonderful new opened shop.

I couldn't resist and left with a really sweet little bag...

...full of swedish sweets. You wont know until you're without it for one year how good it is.


Postat av: Paula

Sounds like a really nice weekend! While we were cleaning the home and going to IKEA...



2012-02-13 @ 07:38:07

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