Dinasours and salted peanuts

Unfortenately I'm a bit to lazy right now to write about the weekend, but since I started a post about the week a couple of days ago I figured I could at least finish it. Since Lukas had half term and holiday it was a rather special week. The kids grandma came from Sweden to visit and help me out. She has been here almost all of Lukas's holidays and it's always really nice, she's very sweet and always gives me loads of compliments.

So far when the grandma has been here she has always done things with Lukas and me and Siri has done or usual routine but this time I thought since Siri has grown a bit older it might be fun for her to also leave the safe little area around her home. So on Monday we all decided to take the bus to National History Museum to look at the dinasours, which was also really nice for me since I haven't been there before. Siri thought some parts, like the giant moving T-rex was a bit scary, but I think she liked the over all experience. Altough a couple of times during the week she remembered it and has been saying (l)"äskigt" (which would be like (s)"cary") and then "Hey hey" because I tried to making it less scary by saying "Hi" to the dinasours like we do to the birds and cats. It's really funny to see how something suddenly strikes her mind and how she then starts to talk about it. Any how, Lukas of course loved it but they both got a bit bored and tired rather fast so we had a early lunch and then went back home.

Lukas went with his grandma to the National Gallery which I figured Siri wouldn't really appreciate so we instead spent the morning with Firdos on a playcentre in Fulham. Another nice place I discover only weeks before I'm leaving. In the afternoon I took the kids to the playground to let grandma have a rest and Lukas was playing very nicely with the two year olds that Firdos are taking care of. It's to bad that he can't be like that with Siri but I think he's to used to her. He can still be really sweet with her but only when he feels like it himself, else he can be a bit to rough. Since I didn't feel a hundred precent well after work I skipped the gym and instead walked home and made a delicious dinner: Potato and leek soup with fried tortilla bread (that Pia got for free on Borough Market), cherry tomatoes and hummus. I always feel a little bad when I make really good food for only me so because of that I have to post it here so I can at least brag a bit about it.

The weather was so wonderful, almost like spring, so we decided to spend the morning in the park, all four of us. After lunch Lukas got to visit his mom at work which he was really thrilled about. Siri got to do it when I was sick the week after the christmas holiday, so everything else would simply be unfair. Since Lukas was away we invited the new aupair over to get to know Siri a bit better. For a five year old one month might as well be one year so because of that we decided it'd be better for Lukas to not know quite yet that I'm leaving. I really don't long til the day that he finds out, just this week he has told me several time that I'm the best nanny he ever had. He even said "I don't ever want you to leave, I want you to be our nanny forever". I wonder if he can feel that something is going on...

Me and Siri went as usual to the playgruop in the morning while Lukas and the grandma went to another museum. The afternoon we spent on, which also starting to get usual, playdate with Firdos. Although this time I also brought Lukas, which might not been the best decision. Let's just say that afterwards I really felt like I needed a drink. Luckily me and Pia already had planned the Bedford and "Vin's night in" for the evening. It was like walking straight in to a living room from the 80's. With biscuits and salted peanut on every table we sat and listened to wonderful music and a couple of comedy acts the whole evening, so absolutely amazing!



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