Water reflections, wizard watching and war


First free friday after the holidays and I used it to really take my time in everything I did. Sleept until 11, ate breakfast until 12 and then took care of all the boring stuff. Cleaning, gym, foodshopping and washing clothes. In the evening I got rewarded by watching The Iron Lady in Chelsea with Pia, Alena and Sanni. The photos are taken when I was waiting for the bus, it was rather cold but wonderful view made it quite alright.


Pia, Alena, Sanni and I started up in the morning with a big brunch to prepare ourself and get lots of energy.

Might seem a bit silly for some but for me and Pia it was a really big day. We had planned since August to do a Harry Potter Marathon and it was finally going to happen. We started watching at 12.30 on Saturday and was finished at 7.30 Sunday morning. We saw all of the eight movies with just one halfhour break to get som food.

Just inbetween the second and the third one Alena got upstairs and started screaming of happiness. It was snowing and London seemed even more like taken straight from one of the movies.


When all of the movies was finished we sleept for 2,5 hours until ten and then got up and went to Bertie's & Boo's for breakfast.

Since we all realised that we couldn't go to sleep until the next evening (which is right now) we decided that we better making something out of the day.

So we took the bus to Imperial War Museum.

It was quite fascinating, especially the part about the holocaust, even though I've heard about it so many times before it still seems so unbelivable.

After that I figured I had done enough for the day and took the train back home. For some reason I haven't been that tired though, everything has felt just like normal, except from maybe a couple of extra laughs and giggles.


Postat av: Paula

Thank you for the nice update starting my day and my week. We have - 10 degrees Celsius here and a lot of snow and ice.



2012-02-06 @ 07:26:19

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