Layers of snow and fresh spinach

It's thursday evening and snowing outside. At first it melted as soon as it touched the ground but now it's making layers on the streets. Luckily I've been inside pretending that it's friday cause tomorrow my weekend is starting.

I started of with making a meal for only me, quite luxiourius since I've recently only eaten whatever I've made for the kids. Quorn, corgettes and mushrooms in a sauce with pasta and fresh spinach, hundredprecent vegan and very delicious.

The rest of the evening I've spent in my bed with the computer, eating chocolate ice-cream, drinking chamomille tea and watching the snow slowly fall down outside my window.

Now and then that's excatly what you need, to just do nothing special at all. Even more after a very nice but still so exhausting week with playdates, gym and cinema. Plans for tomorrow includes interview with a new aupair, foodshopping and gym, swedish fika with a couple of swedish friends and watching "One Day" with my german girls. Perfect for a snowy day.



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