Chinese lanterns, tomatos and a nanny-get-togheter

Since I just found out that my two german darlings are looking at my blog now and then I'm doing an effort to write in English. In that way I also get to practice my writing skills. Any how, here is my last weekend in wonderful London.


After work and gym I dragged Pia with me in to town to get some of the London feeling. I kind of need to go to the central now and then to remind me of that I'm actually living in London.

We started with a smoothie at Joe & Juice and then walked down through Soho to China Town, where it was decorated with lanterns 'cause of the chinese new year.

When we had walked all the way down to Trafalgar Square we got on the 87 and went to my place. Finally at home we lit some candles, drank the, ate nutella on "knäckebröd" and watched a rather bad movie.


We started the day at our favorite market: Borough Market.

Pia and Alena were walking around tasting everything, or at least looking at everything.

While Karolin was more in the buying mood.

She walked around for quite a while and looked at all the nice vegetables.

After the market Pia, Alena and I went shopping in a giant shoppingcentre, no photos were taken then though. Completely tired from the crowdiness (can you say that?) Pia and I went home to me for dinner and a quick shower before we met up with Karolin again for a drink at The Exhibit in Balham. I was a bit surprised to see that it was actually crowded also in there, even though we were in a little suburb to London.


I woke up, did a bit of laundry and cleaning and then went back to Balham again for a coffee at Bertie & Boo with Pia and Lisa.

The rest of the day I spent at a lunch that turned into a dinner at Firdo's with some nannies from my area. We watched a movie, ate lots of snacks, played cards, did the shisha, and talked. And since her mom loves cooking (and wouldn't agree to let us just have pizza) she made the most amazing indian food, we even got some to take home since she thought we didn't eat enough. So that's what I had for dinner today and now I'm going to bed.


Postat av: erika

It's sounds quite wonderful! The pictures look really great even though it was taken with an iphone camera!

I wish I could be there with you! (now more than ever)!

I also wanted to write in english obviously hehe, I realize now I've forgotten alot!



2012-02-03 @ 21:46:52
Postat av: mormor

I´ll try to write in english too. My computer tells me I´m spelling everything wrong, think it is a little angry with me beacuse the change of language.

Kram mormor

2012-02-04 @ 14:40:49

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