Chai the, cottage cheese and cosmetics

Haven't had any nap today, for some reason I didn't manage to fall asleep. But it's rather nice to just lay down and rest for half an hour as well and now I can have some quiet time with a cup of chai the before waking up Siri which is not to bad either. I also had time to call and book a play for me and Karolin for next Friday.

Just so you know, I tried to make a post about the weekend last night but I realised that it was loads of photos so I couldn't finish before bedtime. Since I'm having a cold I needed to get in bed rather early. Anyhow I'll do it as soon as possible.

Today it's 14 degrees and sunny, absolutely amazing. Since we had the playgroup this morning we have mostly been inside but we'll probably spend the afternoon in the park.

Now my little sweetheart is breathing on my neck, all snuggled up in my arms. Wasn't very happy about waking up so we'll take some time to just sit. Then we're having cottage cheese, cinnamon and apples for snacks.

The photo is of my dinner from yesterday. They have so nice soyabolls and things like that over here. With that I just had pasta and a tomato sauce with mushrooms and fresh basil, and some salad of course. Yummy and simple. Maybe I should buy some soyathings with me to sweden? That and cosmetics from body shop.



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