The time, easter eggs, diagon alley and a basement

I want to have every weekend documented when I move back to Sweden because it is so much fun to look back at it later. So even though I know that it's already a new weekend this is all of the photos from last weekend. I must warn you if you're planning to look through all of them though: there are loads! (Almost never ending)


Without planning so we got stuck at Pia's friday evening, watching movies and laughing about absolutely nothing and since just the thought of getting to the train made me unbelievebly tired I decided to stay over. So in the morning we could just walk straight to Bertie&Boo for a coffee and flapjack to take away.

After a short busride to Elephant and Castle we walked on towards the river and passed by theese blue men climbing up the wall. We tried to join them but didn't really manage...

A few more steps and we were at one of my favourite places, Borough Market. We bought a juice and a baguette each, sat down on a wall and enjoyed the sun and food.

Then we went on to the next market with train. It was Greenwich Market and I found a pair of nice sunglasses, prefect for the sunny day.

We walked through Greenwich and watched the old buildings...

...parked bikes...

...and british flags on lamp posts.

Until we ended up in Greenwich park with a rasperry sorbet each in our hands.

"Hmm, which one looks yummier, mine or hers?"

It was an absolutely amazing day with a blue sky, sun and 16 degress. Two tiny little kids were running around chasing a boll and all around us were people having picnics.

Even so we got a bit cold after sitting in the grass for to long and decided to "climb up" the hill. The view up there was quite remarkable.

Besides it's the very place were they keep time, and not just any time, The time. Also known as GMT. Suppose you all know what it means?

There was quite a few people up there as well. Tourists, inlines-trainers, and sun seekers.

And of course there was loads of beautiful, big, old buildings which most certainly is remarkably important in some meaning, no idea in which tho.

Some of them were even harder to know in which way they were important. Actually I'm not even sure if this is a building, maybe just a gigantic sculpture?

In the evening Pia, Alena, Sanni and I went to see the "Legally Blonde" musical as we gave that to Pia on her birthday. It was quite funny, very similar to the film except from that they had a whole song about "Bend and snap". Since we already were in central we of course also had to take a glass after. First on the most british pub you can imagine and then on a very fancy bar in soho.

While walking through London we found about five easter eggs spread out on different places. It's a big easter egg hunt all over central London now, apperantly you can win quite a lot of money.


Probably the day when I've been up and away the earliest on a weekend. Up at 9.30 and in central before 11am. I had a very good excuse tho, another thing we've been looking so much forward to, the Muggle Tour (Harry Potter for those of you who are not that in to it). This is our guide Hana outside 12 Grimmauld Place, the Order of Phoenix's headquarters.

This flower shop were used to film the entry to the diagon alley. By the way, about five photos forward are only about Harry Potter so unless you're a total nerd like me you could just scroll down a bit.

It was really nice cause Hana brought photos from the film so that we could actually recognize the wall that they used.

Apparently they used the stairs inside of St Pauls cathedral (in the background) many times, for example walking up to professor Trelawney's class.

Westminister tube station were used in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix when Harry and Arthur Weasley are going to the Minister of Magic but are not aloud to use magic. They closed the station for a whole day while filming which is quite remarkable considering how many people that are crossing there everyday.

To be honest I don't really know what she said about this specifik view, but of course the Thames and many of the bridges are used in the fifth film when they are bringing Harry to Grimmauld Place.

Here they filmed the sixth Harry Potter. Ron is standing at that corner when they are using polyelixir to become people that work on the Ministry of Magic.

And just around the corner is were the guest entrance to Ministry of Magic is, it's suppose to be a telephone box, but unfortenately they just brought it there for filming so it's no longer there.

We finished the tour on a very small street with almost only bookstore which was the inspiration for diagon alley. Sorry about the photo, I know it's a bit weird if you look at the girls, something with the camera I suppose.

Alright, anyone who scrolled down, I'm done with the nerd things now. To be honest it's mostly for me to remember, might not be very intresting for you.

After the tour we bought some food and sat down in St James Park for lunch, we ate and talked for about one hour...

...until walking further in to the park.

Even there we found a couple of eggs, one in the middle of the pond.

We ended up, well we actually intended to end up, it wasn't by mistake, at Buckingham Palace.

Sanni, Alena, Carla and I. Pia were the photograph. All of us more or less Harry Potter nerds.

After walking through St James Park, Green Park and parts of Hyde Park (yes, it is kind of far) we decided to go to the Museums. First we took a peek in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Even though just walking in the entrance gave us these amazing views we felt like it was way to much to comprehend in the single hour we had before closing. So instead we walked to the science museum just around the corner and did a test to find out who we are. Would have been convenient if they would have told me what I'm gonna become as well, so I don't have to figure that out by myself.

My plan was to go home after the museum and have a quiet evening but since I didn't feel like going home at all I instead ended up with the other girls on a pub were I ate a vegetarian sunday roast. Also something you should try in London, just beacuase it's so british.

After dinner we went on to another pub and ended the fabulous weekend with listening to a fantastic band called "Robbie Boyd Band" down in the basement. Do I have to mention that I was pleased with the weekend?



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