Goodbyes, unsignificant love and a babyccino

My last week in London were obviously filled with feelings and goodbyes. I started already on Monday, having a goodbye dinner at Del' Azis in Clapham Common. It's a really nice place and we had a great evening with loads of yummy food and even yummier and gigantic desserts. On Tuesday I went to the gym one last time and then finally managed to pack my bags the right way. Wednesday I left Siri with Nikolina during the afternoon and met Pia and Alena for a last coffee and carrot cake at Bertie and Boo. Even though I was so close to tears I kept them in even while saying goodbye to my dearest friends, I'm not very good at crying in public. In the evening I helped puting the kids to bed and then had a very nice dinner with Nathalie and Julian. Because of the other rather special occasion we had fingerfood and champange. Luckily champange makes me rather sleepy, otherwise my thoughts probably would have kept me awake.

I spent the days doing the regular things, both to show Nikolina but also just to do it one last time. The park, coffee at costa, rhymetime at the library, playhouses and playdates. I picked up Lukas by myself twice, leaving Siri with Nikolina, which was nice considering I was able to pay my full attention and really talk to him.

Thursday and my last day in London:

Siri and I started the morning at Costa where I for the first time ordered her a babyccino together with my regular coffee. I think the concept is so hillarious, but obviously she loved it, chocolate and warm milk, it can't get any better. At 10am we met Nikolina and went to the playgroup. There was loads of goodbyes and Petra kept telling me "don't start crying now", kidding of course but I actually wasn't even close. Until we got home and I sat with Siri and ate lunch, she asked me to sing all sorts of songs and while doing it I started thinking of everything beeing the last time. I managed to keep it together until Siri had her nap and I was doing the dishes but by then the tears were flowing down. It felt good tho, to not cry at all when leaving so much would have been weird.

In the afternoon we picked up Lukas and went to sainsbury's for ice-cream. Everything to make them remember me as the best nanny. Well actually me and Lukas had started a chart regarding using cutlery while eating and the price was to get ice cream and since he was almost nearly done and it was my last day and very warm and sunny I thought we all deserved it. Then we walked down to the riverside together with Firdo's and some other nannys/mothers and stayed there for about half an hour before walking back to meet Nathalie. I got ready, collected my things, said goodbye and walked down the street hearing Lukas yell all sorts of unsignificant things after me, which I can only guess was a way to make me stay. Already before the train station a man offered to help me with the bags, he waited while I bought the tickets, helped me aboard the train in Wandsworth town and off in Clapham Junction and then all the way to the platform where the gatwick train went. Even though he was going to a completely different platform. That's one of many things I will miss with London, that people always are so extremely helpful.



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