Yoghurt jars, pastel colours and birch trees

Way to soon and finally my last weekend in London arrived.


Me and Pia started the day with some last days shopping in Southside. Converse and Body Shop products to bring home, check. Then we went on to my absolutely favourite foodshop Whole foods. Lip balm for mom, check.

Outside they'd made a flag out of youghurt jars and inside it was full of amazing food, just as always.

Opposite of Whole foods there is a church squeezed in between the traffic and the houses and just below in the corner is a tiny flowershop. I always thought that looks so sweet.

We continued walking up north and passed by this amazingly british pub full of flowers.

After a short walk we ended up in Notting Hill with it's colourfull houses.

And a couple of walls with street art, like "Made you look".

What I like the most tho are the houses in different pastel colours. Why don't we use a bit more colour in Sweden as well? It makes the world seem so much brighter.

We ended up in a little shop with all sorts of fun stuff: stickers, framed photos and sayings, and bags that we bought two off. One for me and one for Alena.

In the evening Karolin and I had tickets to see "Comedy of errors" at National Theatre. It was a Shakespeare play which made it a bit hard to understand at first but as soon as we got used to the language we got quite a few laughs.

In the pause we sneaked out on the balcony and found an absolutetly amazing view over the river thames and both of the banks.

We also found one of the eggs from the big easter hunt. They're really scattered all over London.

After the play we walked over one of the bridges and finished the evening with a nice dinner on strand.


Since it was my last Saturday in London we of course had to start with Borough Market. And by we I mean Pia, Alena, Sanni and I.

It's one of the thing I'll miss the most, to walk around among the stalls and look at and try everything.

Then when you've decided what to eat you can sit down by the big church, eat your food and enjoy the sun.

Since the spring had just arrived and the cherry trees had blossomed it was the perfect day to do exactly that. And maybe find something little special in the tree.

I also found this frog on one of the walls of the market and realised right away that it must be marked after me. All of you who know my middlename and some swedish can figure out why.

After walking about the market for some time we continued along the southbank. We passed by Tate Modern with all the birchs, the millenium bridge and St Pauls Cathedral on the otherside.

We took a tiny break on the sweet little yard hidden somewhere between London Bridge and Waterloo.

And we found the egg that must be the most London of them all, before ending the day with a brownie and coffee by the water in Waterloo.

Even if it was the end of the day the Saturday most certainly continued. After a quick shower I took my beloved 87 to central london to join Karolin's birthday dinner and then back to have one last night out with my girls. I manage to snap a photo of the Opera house, but I'm afraid that's it for the evening.


Unfortenately but as planned I had to spend most of the sunday trying to pack all of my thousand belongings in one big and one small suitcase. Can't exactly say that I managed but I did get all of my stuff to the family's place and then most of my stuff to Sweden. Luckily for me I had my amazing friends helping out so the day didn't feel quite as wasted. I also had time for a lunch with the family and the new aupair Nikolina and in the end about half an hour to sit outside in the park and enjoy the beatiful wheater.

Still in the evening it was nice to forget everything about packing, walk three minutes to the closest pub and together with Emelie, Nikolina and her friend Jona try to answer the unbelievable hard questions in the Pub quiz we'd decided to try out. We won the last place with 6 out of 40. Our name was "Don't blame us, we're from Sweden".



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