The today, snogs and candles in cups

Today, Thursday the 23rd of February, it's exactly one year since I arrived to London. If I remember it correctly I was already up in Lukas bed by this time, exhausted from all the new impressions. It's also exactly three weeks until I'm leaving and moving back to Sweden. By this time then I'll be on the airplane halfway there. This day has been proofing it's extraordinarity with 16 degrees plus and sun. I've been walking around in only t-shirt without feeling even a little bit cold. I'm also celebrating or mourning (depending on how you see it) with babysitting my little ones, it feels absolutely right considering it's because of them I'm here.

Anyway, I thought I'd use the time to finally upload the photos from last weekend.


I started with dragging Pia and Emelie to the gym for a two hours long workout, only way to not feel guilty about all the unhealthy things we're eating during the weekend... No, just kidding, but it's always nicer to workout with others. After that Pia and I had lunch at my place, took the bus to Oxford Street and fought with the crowds for a while before giving up and walking down to Soho for a nice and quite italian dinner. We finished the day with a guilt-free snog (frozen youghurt) while walking down to leicester square and reminding us about how wondefully crowded and alive London always is on a friday night.


After showing the flat and having breakfast with Nikolina (who is the next aupair) I took the train to Borough Market to meet Pia. Our plan was to have the best tasting baguettes, which we did, and then take of to Greenwich, which we didn't. It was rather cold and windy so we changed our plans.

So instead we went to Westfield mall to do some shopping. I found nothing. Or well, I did find some shoes that I want, but since I don't know if I'll have enough weight I thought I better wait with buying them until I've packed.

Walking home I realised that it was quite beautiful outside. After a bit of resting Pia joined me again, we had dinner and got ready at my place.

And then spent the rest of the evening on the good old Grand. As you can see it's situated in an old theatre which I think is quite marvelous.


Since Pia slept at my place we where up and away rather early, well, at least for a sunday morning. The plan for the day was my favourite sunday-routine.

We started at Colombian road flower market.

If you look around a bit you can find hidden cafés, street musicians and tiny yards filled with old things for sale.

You can also find loads of really cute stores where you usually want to buy everything but don't really need any of it.

Like all of this.

Even in the darkest places you can find some light, Anne Frank is a perfect reminder of that.

The next stop was Brick Lane with lunch and after coffee with the yummiest thing ever, Malaysian Pancakes. I've asked Pia to send me baguettes from Borough Market and these when I move back to Sweden.

The last stop was the icing on the cake, or the dot on the i as we say in Sweden, pretty much what made an already perfect day even better. We spent the evening in Balham with Alena and Carla, first and Bertie and Boo's where they had candles in cups, and then dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Now I think the parents will be here any minute so I'm gonna finish this post. Hope you're all very weel!

Postat av: Linnea

Kul att se lite bilder, även om de blev halva i min webbläsare men jag förstod vad de visade ändå :-p Även om det

Är jättejobbigt för dig att lämna London ska du veta att du är saknad här hemma!! <3

2012-02-24 @ 08:40:19
Postat av: mormor

Vilka fina körsbärsblommor. Här är det frost igen men snödroppar och vintergäck tittar upp och fåglar flyger med pinnar i näbbarna. Duktig du är som går på gym och söndagarna låter jättetrevliga. Kram

2012-02-27 @ 11:24:11

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