Pigeons, old books and ballons

Another sunday. Not just a regular sunday though. It's the sunday before my last sunday in London. One week left until I'll pack all of my things and move out of the flat to spend the last days at the family's place. One week until I will have spent my las weekend in London. One week until I'm writing my last weekend update.


I started my weekend with a delicious breakfast: Youghurt with applepure, bananas and blackberries, two knäckebröd with sprouts or jam, apple and mango juice and tea. Perfect before working out at the gym, which even though I just had a bad cold went quite alright. After a shower I got on the train to Balham for lunch and coffee with Pia, Alena and Sanni. Then back on a train, tube this time, all the way up to Camden Town to meet Judith who I used to go to primary school with about ten years ago. She had her flatmate Sara with her and we walked around on the Market for a while, freezing, buying food and looking at all the weird stuff they sell. When we were so cold that we could barely stand it we took a bus to their place. We drank tea and talked about nothing special and suddenly it was evening and time to go home, which can only mean that we had a really nice time.


Saturday started with a brunch with Karolin by Covent Garden. The place seemed very promising but turned out to be amazingly slow and with coffee that only tasted of milk.

But even so we had a really nice time and at the end got served some delicious pancakes and bread with compote.

When Karolin needed to go home to study I met up with Pia (surprise?!) at Piccadilly Circus.

We sat at the foot of the statue for a while enjoying the sun and looking at tourists and pigeons.

Then we walked on to Green Park, bought some food and enjoyed it outside.

The predicted rain was very hard to spot on the sunny sky.

We went on a bus and ended up by a gigantic building that I've never seen before, apperantly Westminster Church.

Then we went on another bus and came to Waterloo.

Just by the river they have flea market where they only sell old books, I always feel like buying a book when I'm there but have so far not found anything I want.

On the way back home we passed by The royal waterloo for children and women. I'm guessing that it's now opened for all people or maybe not opened at all. Anyhow I think it's really nice that they've kept the exterior.

In the evening we went to Koko in Camden. It was absolutely crowded and almost only french people in there, kind of weird.

On the dancefloor they threw out gigantic ballons that everybody tried to catch. It was fun seeing the ballons bounce against the walls of the old theatre.


Since I'm moving and have lots of things to take care of next sunday I of course had to spend this one at my favourite sunday place Brick Lane.

Sanni, Carla, Alena and Pia (who were sitting next to me) came with my to enjoy the amazing food. I had the best thing you can have there: Turkish gozleme (which is kind of like a bread) with spinich and cheese.

I also finished the weekend with knäckebröd with sprouts, this time together with a butternutsquash soup. After skyping and writing this it's now time for bed to get some energy for my last regular working week.

Sleep well! xxx

Postat av: Paula

Finally I was able to come to the end of this up date.My mornings aren't long enough-... Thank you for sharing! Sounds wonderful with spring, and is wonderful with you coming home!

Puss från


2012-03-09 @ 07:03:10
Postat av: mormor

What a nice breakfest you had

2012-03-16 @ 11:14:49

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